Sen. Hune praises Howell Public Schools for allowing flags to be displayed

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Joe Hune, R-Fowlerville, praised Howell Public Schools on Tuesday after they reversed their ban on American flags being displayed on vehicles parked in the parking lot of Howell High School due to safety concerns.

“Howell Public Schools made the right call to reverse their ban on American flags being displayed on vehicles,” Hune said. “The American flag represents the foundation that this great nation was built on: justice, liberty, and the courageous men and women who fought and died for our freedom. I’m glad that Howell Public Schools have put in place a policy that allows for pride in our great nation to be displayed while also ensuring that all drivers are safe.”

Howell High School had implemented a ban on American flags from being displayed on vehicles, citing a concern that the flags presented a safety issue in the parking lot due to obstructed views. After Howell Public Schools consulted with local law enforcement, it was determined that as long as the flags are properly fixed to the vehicle and do not obstruct the view of the driver, the flags can be displayed.