Hune blasts huge salary of incoming CEO of Michigan Health Endowment Fund

Hune200x300LANSING, Mich.—Sen. Joe Hune Tuesday blasted the appointment of the new Michigan Health Endowment Fund (MHEF) CEO by the MHEF board.

Specifically, Hune, R-Hamburg, lambasted the exorbitant salary for a public service position, which is posted at $250,000 per year.

In a statement, Hune said the following:

“The salary of a quarter of a million dollars is absolutely ridiculous for a position in an organization such as this, irrespective of the candidate’s role within the MHEF.

“The MHEF’s mission statement is to ‘benefit the health and wellness of Michiganders—particularly seniors and children.’ They can start by putting this ludicrous salary toward the people they are attempting to help—seniors and children.

“Incredible salaries for public service positions such as this have inspired me to soon seek legislation that will cap public service executive position salaries. Public servants are selfless people with intentions to best help the people whom they serve; they can start by earning a salary in line with those very people—the working class.”

Sen. Virgil Smith, D-Detroit, Allen Park, Lincoln Park, and Southgate, added further criticism to the hire:

“Many people, the very people the MHEF seeks to help, can’t put food on their tables. Meanwhile, the new CEO is making five times the median household income in Michigan.

“I think the MHEF has a social responsibility to not only help the disenfranchised within Michigan, but to also use its resources, including funding, responsibly. This isn’t in the best interest of the people of this great state.”