Hune comments on the 2011 State of the State address

LANSING―State Sen. Joe Hune, R-Hamburg Twp., issued the following statement after Gov. Snyder’s State of the State address Wednesday night.

“Governor Snyder outlined a bold plan for Michigan that will revamp the way state government operates and help revitalize our rebounding economy.

“I agree with the governor that the old problems that have plagued our state require a new approach to resolve them for the long term. We need to make sure that taxpayers receive the best possible value for their dollars. Though it may be painful to some in the short term, this type of reform is necessary. There will be no more kicking the can down the road.

“I also applaud the governor’s focus on job creation. There is no bigger or important job for us than to help improve the economic climate so businesses can create jobs here and now. We must break down the barriers that so many job providers come up against by getting rid of outdated laws and unnecessary regulation so folks can get back to work.

“I am encouraged by the governor’s plan and am committed to working with my legislative colleagues and the administration to help reinvent Michigan.”
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