Hune demands LARA fine NECC

Sen. Joe Hune on Thursday demanded the department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) use their authority to fine the New England Compounding Center (NECC) for the use of its tainted steroids.

The NECC produced the contaminated steroid shots known to be the cause of the fungal meningitis outbreak in many states, including Michigan.

Reports as of May 13, 2013, indicated the total number of fungal meningitis infections resulting from the NECC is up to 262 total cases, including 16 deaths in Michigan. Several of these deaths have taken place in the 22nd District.

“I once again call on LARA to use their authority and take action,” said Hune, R-Hamburg. “I would like to see LARA fine the NECC to the fullest extent of their authority. This is a necessary and imperative action to ensure the safety of the citizens of the great state of Michigan.”

Public Act 368 of 1978 grants the department the authority to investigate activities, hold hearings and order the taking of testimony of its licensees.  A report of its findings is then sent to a disciplinary subcommittee.  If the subcommittee finds a violation of general duty, consisting of negligence or failure to exercise due care, NCCC could be fined up to $250,000.  Criminal charges are also available under the act.

“There is absolutely no doubt that Michigan should take action to file criminal charges against the NECC,” Hune said. “I hope that we, through LARA, can bring some sort of justice to the victims of the NECC and their neglectful manufacture of this product.

“The safety of families across the 22nd Senate District and the entire state of Michigan is a top priority.”