Hune saves state money and practices fiscal constraint

For Immediate Release
Oct 3, 2014

Contact: Troy Tuggle

LANSING, Mich.—Sen. Joe Hune announced Friday that he has given back the remainder of his office budget for 2014 to the State.

Each senate office is allotted a budget for payroll, supplies and other such expenses to operate by. Senators are not required to use these funds, and Hune has opted to give a total of $11,532 back in order to alleviate some fiscal stress.

In addition, Hune returned $250 to the State from each of the committees he serves on.

Hune’s return of his office allotment is a lesson in fiscal conservancy, he says.

“This will serve as an example of cutting back in times of economic hardship,” said Hune, R-Hamburg. “Michigan is on its way back to prosperity, but we are not there just yet. Making necessary cuts in spending, starting with myself, is how I do my part in helping Michigan’s future.”

Hune has given back the remainder of his office budget to the State each year he has been in elected office.