Sen. Hune: Howell doesn’t deserve distorted reputation

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Sen. Hune: Howell doesn’t deserve distorted reputation

LANSING, Mich. — Late last week an obscure online publication out of Detroit stated that a contract based in the Eastern Market neighborhood of Detroit was not awarded to a Howell-based company due to the city’s history with the “Ku Klux Klan.” This was false.

A more accurate article regarding the details of this contract was also published in the Livingston County Press & Argus. The Press & Argus article describes Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh having some concerns, unrelated to the Klan, but still awarding the contract to the Howell company. Hune and Pugh then exchanged “tweets” on the popular social networking website Twitter. They read as follows:

“Pres @Charles_Pugh pls come visit Howell. We have wonderful community. I would love to show you around & meet great folks!”

Pugh then responded:

“@joehune I've been. I had a good time. I've actually been about six times. had a wonderful time and was treated with respect. thank you”

Hune followed up this exchange with a letter today to each council member inviting them to join him in visiting the Howell community in order to dispel such a distorted reputation and see for themselves the good nature of the residents.

“I just really want to put to rest this reputation we have for being some sort of hotbed for Klan activity,” said Hune. “This is an aspect of our past that we are not proud of and certainly don’t promote. However, one bad apple shouldn’t spoil the whole bushel.”

Hune also went on to acknowledge that Pugh’s quotes were badly taken out of context by the news organization that first reported on the matter and aren’t an accurate representation of the council president’s views on Howell or Livingston County.

Hune was happy to hear that the 100-person, family-owned Howell company won the bid for the project, and he is certain they will do a fine job and represent the Howell community well.

“I just want to come out and thank the Detroit City Council for awarding such a contract to a great Howell company based on the quality of their work and their bid rather than some ignorant reputation.”