Sen. Hune weekly update: Hune supports small cell technology

Sen. Joe Hune

Sen. Joe Hune

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Joe Hune voted last week to advance out of the Senate Energy and Technology Committee a series of bills related to small cell technology.

The bills clarify important issues regarding access and right of way accountability so utilities and wireless providers can confidently begin the process of permitting for 5G technology installations throughout the state.

5G is an emerging technology that will offer internet speeds orders of magnitude faster than current technologies. In a world with ever-increasing demands for data, 5G is hailed as the next big step in wireless customer connectivity.

“5G doesn’t use the giant towers that other cellular technology does,” said Hune, R-Fowlerville. “Instead it will require many smaller towers — called cells — to communicate the data throughout the network. Because of this, installation is expensive and complex. The bills I supported help to clarify the installation process for these new cells to make sure the communications companies are given an equal and fair chance to access limited right of way resources.”

The bills are intended to lay the groundwork for smooth permitting and encourage the growth of 5G technology throughout the state. Hune stressed that innovation-friendly policies that help deploy technologies like this will bring greater economic investment to Michigan communities and will make our wireless infrastructure a competitive front-runner among neighboring states.

“This would be a huge benefit for home consumers and for companies,” Hune said. “Investing in the cutting-edge technologies today will keep Michigan a competitive place to do business into the future. We’ve been working hard to get this legislation right, and I’m very pleased with the results.”