Tech Job Growth in Michigan

The United States is among those few countries that can be considered as the pioneers of modern technology. The region has certainly exhibited an overwhelming growth of technology for quite a long time. However, not every state of the US seems equally involved in the tech sector. Among the 47 states, only a few have been on the top of the list. One such state is Michigan that has shown tremendous potential when it comes to tech job growth. You can certainly verify this claim yourself by a quick google search. If you want to know the local stats, try using a VPN to change your location. While many people wonder is VPN legal in USA, they need not have to worry since it is completely legal until it is used for legal purposes. Of course, a country that strives to be the leader in technology cannot afford to miss this important sector.

2018 report

According to a 2018 report about the states in the US embracing technology, Michigan ranks in the third place. The state offers more than 13,000 jobs related to the tech industry which, in return, contribute a whopping $35 billion to the overall economy of the state.

Certainly, Michigan seems moving towards technology at a fast pace as it strives for an economic reinvention. Almost every major industry in the locality is embracing technology. The automotive manufacturers never mind investing millions of dollars in setting up a robust R&D facility and logistics network. The industry is also ready to welcome the flow of skilled engineers. Firms like Arsenic have moved to high-tech machinery, whereas the aerospace sector as a whole has been exploiting technologies such as 3D printing and robotics.

Adopting and attracting the tech giants

Not only the state is adopting technology but is also attracting the tech giants. For instance, the tech company Nexient internal software services have moved to Michigan from the seemingly ideal location of Silicon Valley in 2010.

The rise in the tech industry is not only beneficial for the state, but also for the workers. Interestingly, the mean wages for the workers of the tech industry are roughly double the wages from other industries. Perhaps, that is the reason why Michigan boasts its 9th position when it comes to a state ranking for net tech employment. Having more employment with tremendous potential for horizontal and vertical growth along with better pay scale is a win-win situation for both the state and the public.

Tremendous growth in all sectors

Although, most sectors showing tremendous growth at one time start to decline at some other time. Nonetheless, in the case of Michigan’s tech jobs, the trend seems going on over the next decade. This is certainly driven by the rise in adopting technology at a larger scale. For instance, until 2026, there will be double the volume of solar photovoltaic installers, thus requiring more technicians.

Certainly, if you are looking for high-paying employment in a fast-developing state, now is the time to switch your career and opt for a job in Michigan belonging to the tech sector.

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